The ability to subdivide your property depends entirely on the local Council’s District Plan and the zone within which it is located. The zoning will define the density.

You can find out the zone of your property by asking the District Council or searching their online planning maps:

Even though many different rules may apply, the density rules set a baseline for acceptable development. The tables below provide a guide for the infill subdivision density contemplated in different areas.

If your property can be developed to the density below, it is worthwhile asking the question “Should I Subdivide?” – article coming soon!


ZoneNet site area (m²)
Terrace Housing and Apartment Buildings1,200
Mixed Housing Urban300
Mixed Housing Suburban400
Single House600
Large Lot4,000
Rural and Coastal Settlement2,500


ZoneNet site area (m²)
Residential Suburban450
Residential Suburban Heathcote Village2000
Residential Suburban Existing Rural Hamlet2000
Residential Suburban Density Transition330
Residential Medium Density200
Residential Banks Peninsula400
Residential Hills650
Residential Large Lot1500
Residential Small Settlement1000
Residential Small Settlement Kainga Overlay Area 1 and 2450
Residential Small Settlement (Takamatua)1500
Residential Banks Peninsula Zone – Diamond Harbour Density Overlay600
Residential Central City Zone200


ZoneLot size (m²)
Inner and Outer Residential400


ZoneNet site area (m²)
General Residential400
Residential Intensification350
Special Residential – front, corner or through site600
Special Residential – rear site400
Large Lot Residential – SH26, Ruakura Structure Plan area2500
Rototuna North East Character500
Special Heritage Zone600
Special Natural Zone (Lake Waiwhakareke Landscape Character Area)350
Special Natural Zone (Ridgeline Character Area)600


ZoneAllotment size (m²)
Suburban Residential325m² (net)
High Density Residential100 (gross)
Wairakei ResidentialNo minimum site area
Large Lot Residential Zone1,000m² (gross)
City Living325m² (net)


Zone Site size (m²)
General Residential 1500
General Residential 2 Zone not within an infrastructure constraint mapped area; or
within the infrastructure constraint mapped area (Mosgiel)
General Residential 2 Zone within an infrastructure constraint mapped area, except for the infrastructure constraint mapped area (Mosgiel)500
Inner City Residential200
Low Density Residential750
Large Lot Residential 12,000
Large Lot Residential 23,500
Township and Settlement500
Township and Settlement Zone within a no DCC reticulated wastewater mapped area1,000

Lower Hutt

Activity Area Size of allotment (m²)
General Residential400
Medium Density Residential300
Special Residential700
Hill Residential1,000
Landscape Protection Residential2,000


Environment Net site area (m²)
Living 1500
Living 2350
Living 32,000

Palmerston North

AreaLot size (m²)
Aokautere Development400
Aokautere Parklands1,300
Ashhurst, Bunnythorpe and Longburn village residential500
Palmerston North urban350

New Plymouth

ZoneLot size (m²)
General Residential400
General Residential – Oakura600
Low Density Residential750


ZoneNet Site Area (m²)
General Residential350
Comprehensive Residential Development250
Urban Development Areas400
City Living250
Central Residential / Commercial350


ZoneNet Site Area (m²)

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