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Paraparaumu 5036

Economic and Demographic Divergence

Did you know that by 2043 around 75% of kiwis will be living in just 25% of our cities and districts.

In fact, a third of New Zealand cities and districts are already struggling to grow.

This means that population composition is becoming more important than population size. It also means that migration is becoming the only reasonable option for growth.

The land development and housing markets need to respond to this economic and demographic divergence. Suburban homes and apartment blocks are not the only solution to slowing growth and affordable housing. We need to put more effort into unlocking the potential of under-developed land in existing urban areas.

Sometimes known as the ‘missing middle housing’, we need more of the following housing typologies in our towns and cities:

  • Duplex – side by side dwellings facing the street.
  • Triplex/Fourplex – three or four adjacent units with a shared entry.
  • Multiplex – five to ten adjacent or stacked units with shared or individual entries.
  • Bungalow court – small units arranged with a shared courtyard perpendicular to the street.
  • Courtyard apartments – multiple adjacent or stacked units accessible from one or more courtyards.
  • Live/work – a dwelling behind or above a commercial space.

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