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Kiwibuild, KiwiBuy and Kiwi…Land Recycling

There are currently two landmark housing programmes in New Zealand. One is the somewhat infamous Kiwibuild and the other a lesser known KiwiBuy. But there is an older approach to housing affordability not discussed much these days.


The Ministry of Housing and Urban Development states that KiwiBuild has three core aims:

  • increase home ownership
  • increase the supply of affordable homes where there is a shortage
  • use government procurement to foster innovation and reduce the cost of building new homes

Kiwibuild homes will cost up to $650,000 in Auckland. This is still regarded as ‘severely unaffordable’ by most definitions but there are some apartments at lower prices.


KiwiBuy combines proven and innovative pathways to home ownership, including Shared Ownership and Progressive Home Ownership.Habitat for Humanity, 2019.

While shared and progressive home ownership can help individuals, it doesn’t usually improve housing affordability overall.

Kiwi…Land Recycling

Land Recycling is a third way to affordability and it is actually something that Kiwis have been doing for a long time. It involves taking the traditional quarter acre block and replacing some of the lawn and vegetable garden with a new home. Sometimes known as a ‘backyard’ subdivision, it is often a DIY approach to land development.

Unlike Kiwibuild and KiwiBuy, land recycling is more affordable for a community over the long-term.


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