The rapid rise of Home Business

Under Alert Levels 3 and 4 many people will be working from home. But there are rules for this! Most District and City Plans will have requirements to manage the effects generated by working from home activities. This is just one area that the full consequences of the Epidemic Notice are yet to be ‘ironed… Continue reading The rapid rise of Home Business

Wasted Planning

I’ve been really interested in recent work around waste minimisation and in particular The Truth About Plastics Recycling report by WasteMINZ. It highlights the three principles of the circular economy: Design out waste and pollution Keep products and materials in use Regenerate natural systems It struck me that these three principles are entirely applicable to… Continue reading Wasted Planning

Planning for Land Use Technology

The Christchurch City Council is proposing to regulate what they call ‘home share accommodation’ through the District Plan. This approach presumes that the resource management issue is a land use problem, when in reality it’s a technology problem. Defining home share accomodation as something different from ‘normal’ residential accommodation is a seemingly arbitrary activity based… Continue reading Planning for Land Use Technology