Six Climate Change Principles for Investment

The Climate Change Commission has sent a letter outlining six principles for the government to help guide investment decisions being made as part of the economic response to the COVID-19 pandemic. They are: Consider how stimulus investments can deliver long-term climate benefits Bring forward transformational climate change investments that need to happen anyway Prepare our… Continue reading Six Climate Change Principles for Investment

Adapting Land Development to a Changing Climate

The first national climate change risk assessment for Aotearoa NZ has been released. It identifies 43 priority risks with the following 10 most significant risks that require urgent action: Natural Environment: Risks to coastal ecosystems, including the intertidal zone, estuaries, dunes, coastal lakes and wetlands, due to ongoing sea-level rise and extreme weather events. Natural… Continue reading Adapting Land Development to a Changing Climate

Throwing the Champagne Out With the Cork

The NZ government has released New directions for resource management in New Zealand. Key drivers of the review were: The way we use land has proved to be unsustainable Urban growth is poorly managed Land use must change to mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change. Māori are left out of critical decision-making.… Continue reading Throwing the Champagne Out With the Cork

Fast-track Consenting (shudder)

The government has announced that it will undertake a law change to fast-track eligible development. The details are still relatively light but the following types of projects have been singled out for priority at this early stage (my satirical comments added): Roading (to help us re-pollute the air); Walking and cycling (which has been revealed… Continue reading Fast-track Consenting (shudder)

The end of existing use rights?

The Plan Change 1 decision in Whakatane has revoked existing use rights for property owners in Matata. The plan changes are the culmination of work following a debris flow in 2005. The plan change was undertaken alongside a land acquisition process to enable managed retreat. Existing use rights are a foundation of the planning framework.… Continue reading The end of existing use rights?

Freshwater 2020 Report Released

Four issues have been identified: Our native freshwater species and ecosystems are under threat Water is polluted in urban, farming, and forestry areas Changing water flows affect our freshwater Climate change is affecting freshwater in Aotearoa New Zealand A must read for all land development professionals wanting to improve the quality of our environment.