Infill Development

We are on a mission to increase the density of existing towns and cities in Aotearoa-New Zealand through infill subdivision and development.

The Benefits of Infill Development

Increased Density

Increased population densities can result from increased dwelling densities, and are widely agreed to have both ecological and social benefits.

Improved Safety

An increased population concentration can improve personal safety as “natural” or
“informal” surveillance is generated.

Better Facilities

A more concentrated population provides a wider range of people with convenient
access to local businesses and facilities.

Enhanced Public Transport

If “well located and designed”, an intensified population can generate the “critical mass” necessary to support improved public transport systems

Housing Options

Introducing a greater range of well designed housing options in existing suburbs can enhance social equity in a region and contribute towards a reduction in social problems.

Resource Conservation

Well designed infill development can also lead to the conservation of resources, as it reduces the demand for greenfield development and associated urban sprawl