Lindale Village, Paraparaumu 5036

What we do

Great Places

From a vacant lot subdivision of a suburban backyard to the development of a six storey apartment building in the town centre, we believe that great places are created by increasing land use density.

WHo we Are

Great People

We believe that great places are created by great people, working within a great team.

Ben Addington

Co-Founder & Urban Planner


Ben is passionate about land development and on a mission to create great towns and cities in Aotearoa New Zealand. Having worked for over a decade in multi-disciplinary land development teams, he knows how to bring together the stakeholders required to deliver projects on time and within budget. You’re in safe hands with Ben at the helm of your land development project.

Reuben Ferguson

Co-Founder & Land Surveyor


As a surveyor by trade, Reuben has spent over a decade in the construction industry in both Australia and New Zealand. Since becoming a Kāpiti Coast local he has been working to use this hands-on experience to foster great development that will benefit the area. With a breadth of knowledge and the industry contacts to match, he is well placed to take your development from concept to completion.

Rakshit Vij

Director & Civil Engineer


Rakshit is a well-established land development specialist. It was a big decison relocating to New Zealand from India after college to pursue a tertiary education in civil engineering. Since then his technical and management skills have been refined with seven years of experience working in multi-disciplinary teams. He is committed to delivering innovative solutions that contribute to enhancing our towns and cities.

Heather Lai

Senior Urban Planner